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Hello there, I’m Sarah Davis, the heart and soul behind MyBritishShorthair.com. Let me share with you a tale that is very close to my heart, a tale that led to the creation of this website.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always felt a deep connection with animals, but there was something special about cats. Their independence, their grace, and their mysterious allure always fascinated me. However, my journey into the world of felines didn’t truly begin until a few years ago.

As a committed vegan, I’ve always been conscious of the impact of my choices on the world around me. I knew I wanted to share my life with a cat, but I couldn’t bear the thought of supporting an industry that often treats these beautiful creatures as commodities. So, I decided to adopt.

Sarah Davis MyBritishShorthair

That’s when I met my first British Shorthair. The moment I looked into those round, inquisitive eyes, I knew my life was about to change. And change it did, in ways I could never have imagined.

My British Shorthair became my companion, my confidante, and my muse. I found myself wanting to learn everything there was to know about this breed, and the more I learned, the more I wanted to share. That’s how MyBritishShorthair.com was born.

Sarah Davis MyBritishShorthair

Initially, the website was a humble platform where I could share my experiences and insights about British Shorthairs. But as time went on, I found myself connecting with a community of cat lovers, veterinarians, and experts who were as passionate about cats as I was. Our shared love for these creatures led to an exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge that was truly enriching.

Before I knew it, MyBritishShorthair.com had grown beyond British Shorthairs and started encompassing other breeds as well.

Sarah Davis MyBritishShorthair

What started as a personal project had turned into a full-time commitment. I was living my dream, working every day on something I was truly passionate about.

Today, my family has grown to include two more adopted cats, and I regularly volunteer at our local shelter, doing my bit to give back to the community that has given me so much. The joy and fulfillment I’ve found in following my passion are beyond words.

Every day, I wake up to the soft purring of my cats, I spend my day writing about them, learning about them, and connecting with other cat lovers. And every night, I go to bed with a heart full of gratitude for this incredible journey.

Sarah Davis MyBritishShorthair

Welcome to MyBritishShorthair.com, a place born out of love and passion. I hope you find it as enriching and fulfilling as I do.

Sarah Davis

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