Are Cheetos Bad for Cats?

It’s natural for your cat to be interested in whatever food you’re eating. Cats are colony-forming animals and in their feral state, they’d be looking to other cats for guidance as to which food sources were safe and tasty. If you, the human caregiver, are eating something, your cats will assume that it’s good for …

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Is Salt Bad for Cats?

Cats have a dreadful habit of trying to eat things that they really should not be eating. Rubber bands, plastic bags, paint — and, of course, whatever you’re eating. There are lots of things in human food that are very bad for cats. Some things, like onion or garlic, might be immediately poisonous. Others might …

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Can Cats Eat Soy Sauce?

One of the trials you face as a conscientious pet owner is keeping “people food” away from your fuzzy companion. Many of the foods we enjoy every day with no ill effects can make a cat or other animal very sick indeed. Even if they don’t immediately result in symptoms, human foods are often an …

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