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Can cats eat almonds?

Almonds are one of my favourite foods. They taste delicious and are packs with minerals, healthy fats and other nutrients, making them a wholesome snack… for humans. For cats, they’re less beneficial. Almonds aren’t poisonous to cats (although bitter almonds do contain small amounts of cyanide), but they’re not something your feline friend should be …

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Do cats go to Heaven?

Anyone who’s ever lost a beloved pet knows the heartache that parting from their companion can bring. The idea that they might be waiting for us in Heaven is a very comforting thought for many people. The question of whether our cats — not to mention dogs, horses and other animal friends — go to …

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Can cats eat crackers?

If there’s one thing cats love to do, it’s to try and steal food that’s meant for humans. This is understandable; after all, if they see you eating something then it must be good, right? Unfortunately, a lot of human food is unhealthy for cats. Some are downright dangerous, producing serious ill-effects. Baked good such …

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Do cats eat squirrels?

Cats, for all the docility and affection they may display, are consummate predators. Virtually any species smaller than they are sets off those hair-trigger hunting instincts. This can be difficult for a loving cat owner to reconcile: the cuddly, purring bundle of fur who provides so much love and comfort indoors, versus the hungry savage …

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