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Flame Point Siamese Cat – Personalities, Price, And Health Of Siamese Flame Point Cat.

Flame point siamese cats are one of the most beautiful and popular breeds, and they have a lot to offer. If you’re looking for a new feline friend, then it’s worth considering this breed! They’re intelligent animals who love to play and interact with their owners.

In addition, flame points are very low-maintenance cats that require little grooming care or attention. You’ll also find that these kitties really enjoy being around other animals – so if you already have pets at home, your new flame point will get along great with them!

The flame point siamese is one of the most beautiful breeds of cats. They are distinguished by their dark points, which are the areas on a cat’s body that have been covered with black pigment. The fur in these regions can range from light brown to deep red and even orange or yellow, but it will always be lighter than the rest of the coat.

These cats need plenty of attention from their humans to be happy. Remember, this is the same breed is also intelligent, curious (as well as highly social), and known for outgoing personalities – making them an excellent choice for any family with children!

Flame Point Siamese Cat

How are Flame Point Siamese cats bred?

Flame point Siamese cats were developed by crossing red American Shorthair Tabby Breed (males) with female flame-colored Siams (Siamese). This creates a thick coat with more prominent markings due to mixed heritage than what you would find in an ordinary cat. This combination produces the “point” pattern in each hair, from the nose to the whiskers- instead of just on the stomach as on a traditional Siamese cat.

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Flame point Siameses are regularly mistaken for tabbies, but they maintain thicker coats with more prominent markings due to their mixed heritage. Flame points were developed in England from native tabbies, American shorthair breed, and recent imports of blue point or seal point cats from America. It was patented in Britain in 1972 (British Chinchilla) under the name “Red Point Longhair” as a separate breed of cat.

Flame Point Siamese cats have a lot of the same colors that are found in traditional Siamese cats including blue, lilac, and chocolate. The pattern is called “point” because it includes every hair from nose to whiskers instead of just on the stomach as with originally bred Siameses. There are many different variations of these flame point cat breeds including Blue Points, Chocolate Points, Lilac points and Buff Points, and we will talk about it later on in this article.

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Flame point cats and their personality

Flame Point Siamese breeds are affectionate, social cats. They are inquisitive about everything going on around them and love being at the center of things. They’re adventurous, active playmates who will race across a room as well as leap into your arms when they greet you!  Whereas many other cat breeds enjoy sitting in just one spot for hours waiting to be petted or walking around slowly taking in their surroundings, Flame Point Siamese cats crave interaction with humans and continued stimulation.

Flame Point Siamese Cat Personality

This means they need lots and lots of distractions (such as favorite toys) throughout their life to keep themselves busy but also engage their owners with playtime or interactive games that challenge you both mentally and physically. It takes them a while to get used to new family members, but once they do, these felines make great pets for families with small children because they don’t mind being tumbled about and actively participate when kids are being active toys!

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A flame point Siamese is extroverted, chatty, and curious, and just like with every cat in the world, each one has its own personality identifier which determines what kind of animal it can be coaxed into being. The best way to find out what your own cat’s character is is to spend time observing it thoroughly and remembering all her quirks and likes. After that, you will know for sure!

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What is the price of a flame point Siamese Cat?

The price of a Flame Point Siamese kitten will depend on the bloodline and quality of the breeder, as well as if it’s male or female. The average price for a Flame Point Siamese is $400 – 600 in most states. In some places, it can be even higher though depending on the area and breeder that you’re checking into. In some areas, you’ll find that there are lots of breeders in your area producing high-quality kittens at quite affordable prices.

Flame point cat – adoption or breeder?

You should buy your flame point Siamese from a reputable breeder. They’ll know how to find you one, or even has one they want to sell. Always do your research before buying anything like this and never buy from a backyard breeder! You might also want to try looking for local rescues or shelters in the area; many of them have kittens that are up for adoption. 

Flame Point Siamese Cat Price

Flame Point Siamese cats health problems

A common health issue with the Siamese cat breed is polycystic kidney disease, which occurs when a cat inherited their genes from its parents.

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Also, Siamese cats can suffer from eye problems like retinal atrophy and strabismus. retinal atrophy in cats is the loss of cells in their retinas from a hereditary disease. Strabismus is when one or both eyes do not point in the same direction, which can lead to blindness if left untreated.

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Also, Siamese cats are prone to being overweight and diabetes due to low activity levels and high-carbohydrate diets. A common health issue with Siamese cats is polycystic kidney disease, which occurs when a cat inherited their genes from its parents. Claws may become overgrown as well and need to be clipped periodically. 

However, the good news is that many of these genetic diseases require more than one gene to come together for them to manifest themselves in the cat’s phenotype (physical traits). So if you adopt or buy a Siamese cat that has been bred by a registered breeder you have a high chance of a healthy cat for years.

Flame Point Cats Colourpoint Variation

Blue Point – Siamese Cat

Blue point Siamese cats are usually very happy and affectionate, always want to be around humans or cuddling with their favorite person. They make excellent children’s pets. These cats tend to have a lot of energy and will get into mischief if not given enough outlet for playing time.

They are intelligent, curious, and inquisitive about everything going on around the home but they are also sensitive and need an empathetic companion or owner who understands them because they can be quite shy as well – especially when strangers come into the home. 

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Blue Point kittens also think it is their duty to supervise absolutely everything that goes on at your place, constantly showing up in areas where you least expect them! They may

Blue Point Siamese Cat

Chocolate Point – Siamese Cat

Chocolate points are the Siamese cats that have a dark/light coloring. According to the Cat Fancier’s Association, “Among this color class, chocolate is often found with seal points or blue-eyed white which intensifies and lightens the base colors.” 

A chocolate point Siamese cat looks like it has brown or orange skin because underneath its hair coat lie tabby stripes of cream and brown. This serves to make chocolate point animals seem less spotted than their counterparts. Chocolate Points can be either solid black, solid orange (red), or are called red tortie in breeding circles; red tabbies.

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Chocolate Point Siamese Cat

Lilac Point – Siamese

Lilac Point Siamese cats are also known as Doll Face Siamese and have a rather spunky personality. They are intelligent, playful, enthusiastic, high-strung animals that can easily take over the household if given the chance.

Lilac Point Siamese cats love to chat with their humans but they will not appreciate being petted for long periods of time. They don’t enjoy listening to any advice on their playtime and would much rather go off in a corner by themselves than be coddled and told what to do. What this cat loves most is playing with other animals or their humans! They like running around and exploring so they always need an active lifestyle.

Lilac Point Siamese Cat


If you’ve been shopping for a new pet, and are considering adopting a flame point Siamese cat then you should know more about the personality of this cats need plenty of attention from their humans to be happy. Remember, this is the same breed. Though these cats have beautiful fur which can range from orange to deep red in coloration, it is not always easy to find one that will be best suited for your household.

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You may also want to consider what health problems they might experience as well as how much money you’ll need to spend on food and vet visits. I hope I was able to help! make sure to check all other articles about this breed.