Norwegian Forest Cat Weight by Age Full Guide

It’s always important to keep an eye on the health of our furry friends, and their weight obviously plays a big part in that. With that in mind, how much should a Norwegian Forest cat weigh as they get older?

Norwegian Forest cats are a larger breed that typically weighs around 12-20 pounds when they are fully grown. Adult females are usually a little smaller and might weigh somewhere between 8-18 pounds, whereas adult males could weigh from 10 to 20 pounds when fully grown. Overall, these cats are similar in size and weight to Maine Coons.

Norwegian Forest Cat Weight by Age

Read this article to find out everything you need to know about how much a Norwegian Forest cat is likely to weigh as it ages and more about the size and physical characteristics of these beautiful felines.

Norwegian Forest Cat Weight by Age

Norwegian Forest cats, often known as Wedgies, are gentle giants. They are truly majestic and wonderful creatures that grow up to be both big and beautiful. Norwegian Forest cats develop a little slowly compared to other breeds, so it can be a while before they fully mature.

Let’s look at the kind of weight you can expect from a Norwegian Forest cat as they age.

3 Months1.5 – 2.2 kg (3.3 – 4.8 lbs)1.3 – 2.1 kg (2.9 – 4.6 lbs)
4 Months2.5 – 3.5 kg (5.5 – 7.7 lbs)2.3 – 3.3 kg (5– 7.3 lbs)
5 Months3.2 – 5.0 kg (7 – 11 lbs)2.5 – 4.5 kg (5.5 – 9.9 lbs)
6 Months3.5 – 5.5 kg (7.7 – 12.1 lbs)2.7 – 5 kg (6 – 11 lbs)
7 Months3.7 – 6.0 kg (8.2- 13.2 lbs)2.9 – 5.5 kg (6.4- 12.1 lbs)
8 Months3.9 – 6.5 kg (8.6 – 14.3lbs)3 – 6 kg (6.6 – 13.2 lbs)
9 Months4.1 – 7.0 kg (9 – 15.4 lbs)3.1 – 6.5 kg (6.8 – 14.3 lbs)
10 Months4.2 – 7.5 kg (9.3 – 16.5 lbs)3.2 –7 kg (7 – 15.4 lbs)
11 Months4.3 – 8.0 kg (9.5 – 17.6 lbs)3.3 – 7.5 kg (7.3 – 16.5 lbs)
1 Year4.4 – 8.5 kg (9.7 – 18.7 lbs)3.4 – 7.7 kg (7.5 – 17 lbs)
3 Years4.5 – 9 kg (10 – 20 lbs)3.5 – 8 kg (8 – 18 lbs)
Norwegian Forest Cat Weight by Age

These numbers are based on what you might see from the average growth rate that most Northern Forest cats have. Keep in mind that they are not exact figures, so there is a lot of room for individual cats to weigh differently and grow at a different rate.

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In general terms, you can expect your cat to grow around 1 pound every month, up until they are about 9 months old. Interestingly, Norwegian Forest Cats can take up to 5 years to become fully mature. They won’t necessarily gain large amounts of weight during this time, but you might see some changes.

How Much Should My Norwegian Forest Cat Weigh?

This is a question that a lot of pet owners have: How much should my pet weigh? Well, there isn’t really a straightforward answer. Every individual cat is different, and there are many reasons why they might weigh more or less than others of the same breed. Some cats are naturally larger or smaller than others, and their weight will reflect that.

Especially with larger breeds, like Norwegian Forest cats, there is a lot of variation between individuals. Some cats will reach maturity earlier than others, for example, and stop growing sooner than expected, while others can keep getting bigger for quite some time.

Norwegian Forest Cat Weight by Age

It’s also important to remember that your cat will not always grow by the same amount every month. Although the rule of thumb might be that they will get about 1 pound heavier each month for around the first 9 months, in some months they will grow a lot more than in others. You might also notice significant weight or growth plateaus at any time.

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All that is to say that you shouldn’t obsess too much over the specific numbers you see on the scales. Instead, focus on making sure that your cat is fed and exercised in a healthy way. 

If you notice a significant lack of growth, or your cat is gaining too much weight, then it is best to talk to a vet and see if there is anything more that needs to be done.

How Big Can Norwegian Forest Cats Grow?

As cats go, Norwegian Forest cats are definitely on the larger end of the scale. They are often compared to Maine Coons, in part for their size but also for the lovely long fur that both of these breeds have.

A fully grown Norwegian Forest stands between 9 and 12 inches tall, but some will become even larger than that! 

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Norwegian Forest Cat Weight by Age

One of the reasons these cats are so large is because of where they are from. They are used to cold temperatures and harsh weather, so these cats have developed big bodies and long, insulated coats to keep themselves warm throughout the year. That’s also the reason why they have such bushy tails and fluffy paws.

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Are Norwegian Forest Cats Prone to Obesity?

One of the most important reasons to keep an eye on your cat’s weight over time is to ensure they stay healthy. Obesity is a serious problem for any pet, that can be very damaging to their health.

Norwegian Forest cats are, unfortunately, prone to obesity, weight issues, and joint problems because of their large size. They need to consume a lot of food to sustain themselves, but if this is not managed properly, they can become overweight.

Obese or overweight Norwegian Forest cats are at greater risk of many different health problems, including:

  • Diabetes
  • Liver Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Urinary Issues
  • Joint Problems
  • Pancreatitis
  • Gastrointestinal Disease
  • Breathing Problems
  • Skin Conditions
  • Cancer

At the end of the day, an overweight cat is sadly not likely to live as long as a cat that is a healthy weight. 

Norwegian Forest Cat Weight by Age

Is My Norwegian Forest Cat Overweight?

If you are worried about how much your cat weighs, then there are some signs to look out for. It’s not just about how heavy your cat is; some individuals will naturally weigh more than others. Signs of obesity in cats include:

  • Difficulty jumping or climbing
  • Increased tiredness and a lack of energy
  • Loss of a visible waistline
  • A dirty, messy, or unkempt coat
  • Tightening collar
  • Changes to bowel movements or flatulence

If you look down from above, you should be able to see a curve inward around their stomach. You should also be able to feel their ribcage and hip bones under their skin. If your cat looks rectangular from above and you can’t feel their ribs or hips, then they might be overweight. 

If you are genuinely worried about your cat’s weight for any reason, you should consult with your vet. They will be able to perform a more thorough examination and let you know whether your pet would benefit from losing some weight.

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Norwegian Forest Cat Weight by Age

How Do You Keep Your Norwegian Forest Cat a Healthy Weight?

You need to keep two things in mind when it comes to your cat’s weight: diet and exercise. 

They should be eating healthy, high-quality cat food that is rich in protein, and you have to ensure that you are not giving them too much! These cats do need to eat a bit more than your average breed, but you don’t want to overfeed them.

When it comes to exercise, your Norwegian Forest cat will need to stay active and keep moving throughout the day. These are cats that love to play and explore, so they should have a good amount of room to move around in. There are many different interactive toys that are great for entertainment as well as exercise.

Norwegian Forest cats are particularly fond of climbing, so they will probably try to get on top of all of your bookshelves and cupboards. It’s a good way for them to stay fit, but you might want to invest in a cat tower, so they aren’t always on your furniture.

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Norwegian Forest Cat Weight by Age

What is the average weight of white Norwegian Forest cats compared to other colors of Norwegian Forest cats?

The average weight of white Norwegian Forest cats may differ from other colors of Norwegian Forest cats. However, fascinating facts about white norwegian forest kittens, such as their playful nature, captivating blue eyes, and fluffy coat, make them distinctive and endearing companions.

Summary: Norwegian Forest Cat Weight by Age Full Guide

So, how much do Norwegian Forest Cats weigh, and how big do they get? Well, they are certainly a large breed, and they can weigh quite a bit as adults. Fully grown males weigh between 10 and 20 pounds, although females are usually a little lighter at between 8 and 18 pounds. They usually stand at 9 – 12 inches tall, when they have finished growing.

There is a lot of variation when it comes to the size and weight of these particular cats, so some can be even smaller or larger than you might expect. The truth is, you can never know exactly how big your cat is going to be until they have finished growing.

It is really important, though, to keep an eye on your Norwegian Forest cat’s weight and health, as they are prone to obesity. If you do have any worries at all, then you should always talk to a vet.

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