Maine Coon Weight By Age Full Guide

Maine Coon cats are one of the most common domesticated cats adopted into homes. These charming, docile cats make for excellent companions. Knowing the Maine Coon weight by age full guide might surprise you if you’re considering adopting one of these cats. 

A full grown Maine Coon cat can weigh anywhere between 8 and 25 pounds. This large weight variation will depend on a number of factors, from whether the cat is male Maine Coono r female Maine Coon, as well as whether the cat is a mixed breed. 

Maine Coon Weight By Age

Even though a Maine Coon could take up a lot of space in your home, you won’t regret adopting one of these gorgeous cats. 

Maine Coon Weight By Age Full Guide 

Maine Coon cats can grow to be quite large, but some will remain small even as they reach adulthood. For this particular breed, cats don’t usually stop growing until they’re about three years old. Surprisingly, some Maine Coons are known to grow even larger than 25 pounds. 

Maine Coon Weight By Age

Maine Coon Weight Chart

 Maine Coon Age Standard Maine Coon Weight Range (Male/Female)
3 Months3-5 Pounds / 3-5 Pounds
4 Months6-8 Pounds / 5-7 Pounds
5 Months7-12 Pounds / 5-9 Pounds
6 Months7-13 Pounds / 6-9 Pounds
7 Months9-14 Pounds / 7-10 Pounds
8 Months9-15 Pounds / 8-11 Pounds
9 Months12-15 Pounds / 9-11 Pounds
10 Months11-17 Pounds / 8-12 Pounds
11 Months12-17 Pounds / 8-13 Pounds
1 Year (12 Months)12-19 Pounds / 8-14 Pounds
3 Years (36 Months)15-25 Pounds / 8-14 Pounds

Male Maine Coons can get as big as 4 feet long from nose to tail tip, with female Maine Coons averaging a few inches smaller. Maine coon size compared to a normal cat (average house cat) is massive!

Maine Coons are also known for their large, fluffy tails and their big, bushy ears. While they may look like they’re built for cold weather, Maine Coons originally come from warm climates. They were brought to North America by shipwrecked sailors during the 1800s, and their long coats developed as a way to protect them from the cold winters.

Maine Coon Weight By Age

Today, Maine Coons are one of the most popular breeds of house cats, and their gentle nature and laid-back attitude make them a perfect companion for families.

Why Maine Coon cats Grow So Big 

One possible contributing factor to a Maine Coon size is their potential connection to the Norwegian Forest cat. These cats also grow very large. Their adaptability to living in harsh North American climates before becoming domesticated also helped these cats develop strong genes. 

Maine Coon size – Male Maine Coon tend to grow much larger than female Maine Coon cats. This doesn’t mean you can’t find a large female Main Coon; it depends on the parents, genetic inheritances, and if they’re a mixed breed or purebred Maine Coon. Since these cats are one of those breeds that matures slowly, it’s often a guessing game how big they’ll become until they are around three years old. 

Maine Coon Weight By Age

Maine Coons can often be recognized for their pointed ears, slightly elongated faces, large paws, and fluffy fur. Many Maine Coons end up growing very long fur, with a signature lion’s mane around the sides of their head and around their neck. 

Maine Coon – Weight Maintaining

Since a Maine Coon’s weight can vary because of so many factors, it’s important to remember that monitoring your individual cat’s health is the most crucial way to ensure they stay at the right weight for them. What this means is you want your Maine Coon cat to be growing each month when they are kittens. 

A normal growth rate for a Maine Coon kitten is about one pound each month, but there can be some slight variation. Some months your Maine Coon could gain more than one pound, while others they might gain less. So long as they are gaining weight, your Maine Coon is likely growing at a healthy rate.

Maine Coon Weight By Age

Maine Coon Diet

Maine Coons benefit from eating a high quality kibble that is formulated with a high amount of animal based protein and no grains. Their diet should also contain some healthful sources of fat and adequate nutrients to support growth. A food formulated for large breeds or Maine Coons can be suitable, and speaking with your vet can also help you narrow down your choices. 

Their diet will help them grow into strong and healthy cats, but their diet will not influence how large they become. It is very important to avoid overfeeding a Maine Coon in an effort to end up with a large cat, because it won’t work. These cats have a hearty appetite, making it important to keep a close eye on how much you feed them. 

What a quality diet can do for your Maine Coon cat is support proper muscle and bone growth. Since these cats do develop slowly, nourishing their development with protein and good vegetables is ideal if you want them to grow into healthy adult cats. 

Maine Coon Weight By Age

Maine Coon Exercise 

Encouraging your Maine Coon to enjoy playing and being active should start when they are still kittens. Maine Coons tend to develop into couch potatoes when they’re older, so making play a part of their routine can help them understand its importance. 

Even if you play with your Maine Coon for a few minutes a day until they get bored, it’s better than no play at all. Toys that they can bat at and chase, like automatic toys or wand toys, are suitable options, though some cats enjoy chasing after a toy once you throw it in the air. You may have to experiment before you find toys they like. 

Giving your Maine Coon a cat tree that offers big spaces to lay on will also entice them to jump and climb. A cat tree that is high up helps as these cats are very good jumpers. They should also have some scratching posts to keep their nails intact and help them exert some energy too. 

If you adopt a Maine Coon when they’re young and they’ve been vaccinated, you can consider trying to take them for a walk or for some outdoor time in your yard with a harness. Some Maine Coons will take to being outside, while others won’t like it as much. If you manage to help your Maine Coon cat enjoy walks with you, it’s good for them. 

Maine Coon Weight By Age

Maine Coon Temperament 

While a Maine Coon size might be intimidating to those not familiar with the breed, these cats are perfectly classified as gentle giants. Maine Coons used to be working cats before they became domesticated, so they still have some self-sufficient qualities about them. They enjoy when their pet parents are home, but won’t always follow them around everywhere. 

This breed can have different levels of affections; some will love to cuddle all the time, while others are more selective about when they snuggle. Maine Coons often get along with just about everyone, including kids and other animals. They love to share their love in their own gentle manner. 

While this breed can be rambunctious as kittens, they tend to calm down as they become older. If they have some soft surfaces to lay on and a window to look out of, they are often quite content. 

Maine Coons can be vocal, whether that’s by purring loudly or chatting back to you as you talk with them. They like to be acknowledged, even if you are both doing your own thing. There’s a chance your Maine Coon cat will keep observing you when they’re awake, as they like knowing what you’re up to and trying to “help” you in their own endearing way. 

Maine Coon Weight By Age

Maine Coon Health 

A healthy Maine Coon cat has the potential to live a very long and fulfilling life. As with any cat, feeding them quality food, keeping them hydrated, and maintaining a routine with playing, proper attention, and lots of rest for your kitty will help support optimal health. Regular vet visits and knowing what to expect from a Maine Coon in terms of health issues also helps. 

Due to how big a Maine Coon can grow, they can be at risk for experiencing bone and muscle problems, such as hip dysplasia or arthritis. This is one of many reasons why it’s crucial to feed Maine Coons food with great protein and keep them active. 

Maine Coon Grooming Needs 

One recognizable trait of Maine Coon cats is their long, thick fur. It can be a bit of a challenge to keep their fur ruly when it grows to be long. Getting your Maine Coon cat used to a brush when they are little can help you maintain a solid grooming routine. Without consistent brushing, a Maine Coon’s fur can become matted and tangled, and the only remedy is a haircut. 

Maine Coon Weight By Age

A Maine Coon is also prone to developing issues with their teeth, so making the effort to brush their teeth every day, or every couple of days, can prevent a lot of these problems later in life. They will also need their nails trimmed regularly, as their paws are large and powerful on their own. Keeping their ears and eyes cleaned of dirt and debris is also very important. 

What is the Average Weight of a Black Smoke Maine Coon Cat?

The average weight of a Black Smoke Maine Coon cat can vary, but typically ranges from 9 to 18 pounds. These majestic felines are known for their large size and striking coat pattern. If you’re curious to see pictures & breed profile of black smoke maine coon cats, prepare to be captivated by their beauty and elegance.

Final Thoughts About Maine Coon

How large your Maine Coon cat grows is a gamble, as these cats can vary quite dramatically in size compared to other breeds. There’s no guarantee whether or not you’ll end up with a small or large Maine Coon until you watch them grow into an adult. 

You can take a proactive role in their health and development, but chance is going to ultimately determine how big your Maine Coon kitten becomes and how much they weigh when they’re full grown. What is likely a guarantee is that your Maine Coon cat will become your best friend from the time they are kittens and throughout the rest of your lives together. 

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