Singapura Cat Weight By Age Full Guide

Cats come in all shapes and sizes, with some breeds being as large as dogs and others being incredibly petite.

If you’re thinking of bringing a smaller cat into your family, then you will want to know: how much do Singapura cats weigh as they get older and how big do they become?

Singapura cats are widely considered to be the smallest cat breed in the world, and they usually weigh an average of about 6 pounds when they are fully grown.

Males tend to be a little larger and are often in the range of between 6 and 8 pounds, whereas females are generally between just 4 and 6 pounds in weight.

Singapura Cat Weight By Age

Read ahead to find out all about the general size that you can expect from a Singapura cat and more fascinating information regarding these miniature kitties!

Singapura Cat Weight By Age

Most cats start their life as tiny balls of fluff and fur, but they eventually grow up into quite substantial animals. A Singapura cat, however, will actually be pretty miniature for all of its life!

Even when they are fully mature adults, they are pretty petite and they are often regarded as the smallest domestic cat breed of all!

That’s not to say that they don’t change as they get older, however.

As kittens, they start life very tiny indeed, then from the ages of around 3 months to 12 months, they will grow slowly and gradually until they have made it close to the maximum size that they will become.

Singapura Cat Weight By Age

Over the next year, they mature a little further, reaching full maturity at about 2 years old.

Take a look at the chart below to see what kind of weight you can expect from a male or female Singapura cat as they grow to their adorably delicate full size!

Singapura Cat Breed Weight Chart

3 Months0.8 – 1.2 kg (1.8 – 2.6 lbs)0.6 – 1.0 kg (1.3 – 2.2 lbs)
4 Months1.0 – 1.5 kg (2.2 – 3.3 lbs)0.8 – 1.2kg (1.8 – 2.6 lbs)
5 Months1.2 – 1.8 kg (2.6 – 4.0 lbs)1.0 – 1.4 kg (2.2 – 3.1 lbs)
6 Months1.4 – 2.1 kg (3.1 – 4.6 lbs)1.1 – 1.6 kg (2.4 – 3.5 lbs)
7 Months1.6 – 2.3 kg (3.5 – 5.1 lbs)1.2 – 1.8 kg (2.6 – 4.0 lbs)
8 Months1.8 – 2.5 kg (4.0 – 5.5 lbs)1.3 – 2.0 kg (2.9 – 4.4 lbs)
9 Months2.0 – 2.8 kg (4.4 – 6.2 lbs)1.4 – 2.2 kg (3.1 – 4.9 lbs)
10 Months2.2 – 3.1 kg (4.9 – 6.8 lbs)1.5 – 2.4 kg (3.3 – 5.3 lbs)
11 Months2.4 – 3.3 kg (5.3 – 7.3 lbs)1.6 – 2.5 kg (3.5 – 5.5 lbs)
1 Year (12 months)2.6 – 3.5 kg (5.7 – 7.7 lbs)1.7 – 2.6 kg (3.7 – 5.7 lbs)
2 Years (24 months)2.7 – 3.6 kg (6.0 – 8.0 lbs)1.8 – 2.7 kg (4.0 – 6.0 lbs)

The numbers in the chart above are general averages based on what might be expected for the typical growth rate of a Singapura, rather than exact statistics that a cat should weigh at any given age.

Don’t worry if your cat does not fit into the specifications for how old they are – they might just be a little smaller or larger than average!

Singapura Cat Weight By Age

How Long Do Singapura Cats Take To Grow?

We all worry about how well our pets are growing, and whether or not they are hitting the right milestones, but it can be very hard to know what is normal for an individual kitten.

Even within the same natural breed, some cats will grow faster than others, and their growth rate is not exactly predictable.

Generally speaking, Singapura cats will put on around 0.5 pounds of weight per month until they are 12 months old, but it can be more or less.

Then, their growth tends to slow down, but they can still fill out as they will not be fully mature until they are about 2 years old.

Sometimes, you will notice growth spurts and at other times you will see their weight plateau, which is all perfectly normal. What you should be cautious of is when you notice multiple months with very little growth.

Singapura Cat Weight By Age

If your Singapura is not putting on any significant weight for more than a month, then you should contact your vet.

They might be malnourished, or they might be struggling with a medical issue that needs to be addressed.

Equally, there could be nothing wrong at all, as it is very hard to tell how much weight these tiny cats are actually gaining!

Singapura cat breed: How Small Are Singapura Cats?

It’s not just their light weight that gives these kitties the reputation as one of the world’s smallest domestic cat breeds – they are tiny in size as well!

Singapura cats are usually just 6 to 8 inches tall (up to their shoulders) and between 9 and 12 inches long.

Although they are small, they are relatively stocky and muscular. They have slender tails and a short, silky coat, which makes them appear even more compact and neat.

The Cat Fanciers’ Association describes them as both “alert” and “neat” in appearance, which is quite an apt description of these sweet little animals!

Singapura Cat Weight By Age

Why Are Singapura Cats So Small?

So why are these cats quite so delicate and tiny? Well, it all comes down to their breeding.

They originate from the country of Singapore, which is where the cat breed gets its name. Similar cats have lived in the country for decades, but the specific cat breed derives from just a few individuals.

Tommy and Hal Meadow brought three brown-ticked kittens from Singapore to the United States in 1975, and they became the foundation for the entire breed.

The original three Singapura kittens were particularly small, and selective breeding has led to the overall breed maintaining that petite size over the generations.

The Singapura cat even went on to be a national mascot in Singapore, under the name Kucinta, which derives from the Malay terms for “cat” and “love”.

Is My Singapura Cat Underweight or Overweight?

Due to their very small size, it can be hard to tell whether your Singapura cat is a healthy weight.

Even just 7 pounds can be slightly too heavy for a small female Singapura and equally, as kittens, they are often misdiagnosed as being underweight because they are simply so tiny!

Singapura Cat Weight By Age

As an owner, you want to focus on whether your Singapura cat is a healthy stature for the size that they are, and make sure that they are feeling happy and staying active.

There are a few simple checks that you can carry out at home which might help you to determine whether or not your Singapura cat is around the right weight.

  • Look at their body. A healthy Singapura cat will have a stocky body, but there should still be a slight inward curve around their waist. You should not be able to see their ribcage through their fur, but they shouldn’t have a significant distended stomach either.
  • Feel their sides. If you gently press your hands on either side of your Singapura’s chest, you should be able to feel the structure of their ribcage underneath a thin layer of fat and skin. They shouldn’t be all bones, but you should be able to identify the ribs with your fingers.
  • Observe their behavior. An underweight or overweight Singapura cat is likely to show signs of fatigue and mobility issues, as well as a general lack of enthusiasm and happiness. Your cat should be active throughout the day and able to jump and climb with relative ease.

What is the Average Weight of a Chartreux Cat at Different Ages?

The chartreux cat weight by age varies. At 2 months, chartreux kittens weigh around 1.5-2.5 pounds. By 6 months, they typically reach 6-8 pounds. Once fully grown, chartreux cats generally weigh between 7-14 pounds. Maintaining a healthy weight through proper diet and exercise is crucial for their overall well-being.

Are Singapura Cats Energetic?

You might think that such a small and light cat would be dainty and sedentary most of the time, but that is far from the case!

Singapura cats are known to be very enthusiastic and almost hyperactive animals. They love to play and chase toys, and they are natural explorers as well.

They are also very fond of people and like to spend a lot of time with their owners.

Singapura Cat Weight By Age

They will want to sit on your lap and follow you around the house – and they’re always trying to get involved in whatever activities you might be doing.

Their small size certainly makes this a lot easier for them, as they often like to climb on your shoulders or into your arms no matter what you might be doing at the time!

Summary: Singapura Cat Weight By Age Full Guide

So, how much do Singapura cats weigh as they get older, and how big do these cats actually become? Well, there is a reason why they are considered to be one of the smallest domestic cat breeds in the world!

Singapura cats grow quite slowly and are so light as kittens that they are sometimes mistakenly diagnosed as being underweight.

They tend to be close to their full size by the time they are around 12 months old, but they aren’t fully mature until 24 months.

A full-size Singapura cat usually weighs just 6 pounds, and they are only around 6-8 inches tall and 9-12 inches long.

Males are often slightly larger than females, at between 6 and 8 pounds on average, whereas females are often between just 4 and 6 pounds.


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