Tabby Cat Weight By Age – A Full guide

Tabby cats are one of the most popular cats out there, though they are not so much one specific breed, as the term ‘Tabby cat’ refers to the genes that make for those distinctive 5 types of coats.

For instance, there are the ‘classic’ Tabby cats, but you also find Spotted, and Patched Tabbies, along with the ‘M-forehead’ Ticked Tabbies and the ring-tailed Mackerel variety.  There are also different breeds that can have the Tabby gene, such as Maine Coons, Abyssinians, and more!

Tabby Cat Weight By Age

Today we’re going to talk about Tabby Cat weight by age, representing the classic and standard housecat variety of Tabby cats so that we can give you a good idea of what to expect from their growth rate, as well as some tips on counting calories, helping to avoid feline obesity, and more.

Without further ado, let’s talk about Tabby cat and how quickly these furry friends can grow up on you!

Tabby Cat Weight By Age – Pet Owners Guide

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of what to expect with your Tabby cat growth, we want to be clear that the figures here represent growth statistical averages, so they are not ‘set in stone nor should they be used to impose a diet to fatten-up or thin-down your own Tabby cat.

Tabby Cat Weight By Age

Tabby cats do have a tendency to become overweight that is in their genes, but keep in mind also that they are fairly long-lived and with a life expectancy of 17 to 18 years, they tend to put on those signature extra pounds very late in life.

If you are concerned that your Tabby cat is very ‘off base’ in comparison to our averages, simply check with your vet first before setting up any sort of diet regimen. Just like with people, you’ll have some Tabby cats that are shorter or considerably larger than others and it can be perfectly natural.

That said, let’s get to the good and take a look at what you can expect with your Tabby cat growth as time goes by!

Tabby Cats Body Weight And Healthy Weight – How big do tabby cats get?

While there are a lot of variables involved, your Tabby cat will typically be anywhere from 8 to 15 inches tall if they are a male, and 8 to 13 inches if they are female.

Depending on the breed but typically Female Tabby cats also tend to be about 2 pounds lighter than male Tabby cat, though you won’t see as much difference until they reach around 1-2 years of age and stop growing. If you have a male and a female, the male will usually look a little bigger but weighing them won’t show a lot of difference until they are much older.

Tabby Cat Weight By Age

Cat Weight Chart By Age – Pet owner’s guide to cat’s weight – from a kitten to an adult Tabby

Tabby Cat Weight By AgeMale Tabby CatFemale Tabby Cat
3 months old Tabby cats4-5 pounds/1.8-2.26 kilos3-4 pounds/1.36-1.8 kilos
6 months old Tabby cats5-6 pounds/2.26-2.7 kilos4-5 pounds/1.8-2.26 kilos
9 months old Tabby cats6-7 pounds/2.7 kilos to 3.175-6 pounds/2.2-2.7 kilos
1 year old Tabby cats 8-9 pounds/3.6-4.08 kilos6-8 pounds/2.7-3.6 kilos
3 years adult Tabby cat10-12 pounds/4.5-5.44 kilos8-12 pounds/3.6-5.44 kilos

As you can see, in the earlier years it will generally be a pound at most and again, a lot depending on the breed, their DNA, and some other factors, but this chart should give you a general idea of what to realistically expect, provided that your cat is in good health and has a nice, healthy diet with plenty of exercises.

Variables that can affect your Tabby cat weight

Tabby cats, compared to other breeds, usually have lower body weight and are more prone to becoming overweight if they are not monitored closely. This means that you should always be careful about the amount of food you are feeding them, and make sure they are getting enough exercise.

Tabby cats do have a habit of getting what they want from you and since they are genetically predisposed to obesity, you’ll want to be very careful in how much of their treats come from your dinner plate. Human foods tend to have a lot of sugar, fat, and calories and sometimes what seems like a small portion may surprise you.

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Tabby Cat Weight By Age

Aside from snacking making an impact, other variables can certainly come into play. For instance, if you rescued your Tabby cat from a local shelter and they are older, then they may have neutered at a later date. As a result, they may be a bit smaller than if they had been neutered when they were younger.

Also, as ‘Tabby cat’ is a specific coat color and pattern, rather than a specific breed, then you’ll need to take this into account. For instance, a Tabby Maine Coone has simply inherited the coat DNA from one of their parents, and could be substantially larger – as tall as 18 inches and weighing 18 pounds/8.2 kilos or a little more.

Finally, if your adult Tabby cat seems to be a little on the small side and you have other cats in the house, then one of them may be more dominant and eating most of the food. If you suspect that this might be the case, an automatic feeder with a collar-transponder will help by only opening when your Tabby cat is close.

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Tabby Cat

Tabby Cats – Calorie Intake

To ensure that your Tabby cats get the proper nutrition you’ll want to take their overall body weight and you can calculate the number of daily calories that Tabby cats will need every day to maintain this weight. This is useful information to know, as it helps you control their calories and ensure that they are getting enough to eat.

For Tabby cats, 50 calories for every 2 pounds/.9 kilos of body weight is ideal. This would mean that a 10 pound/4.5 kilo Tabby cat should be eating 250 calories a day and don’t forget to factor in their snacks., Also, as Tabbies do tend to overeat when you let them, you’ll want to count calories on those snacks as well.

Make sure that of their 250 calories each day, only 10% of that (just 25 calories) consists of treats. If you can get into that habit early, it can be quite helpful, and makes it much easier to say ‘no’ or if we want to be more realistic about it, it is easier to remember to keep those treat portions very small.

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Tabby Cats

To give you a comparison from the human-food world, a single beef patty from the smallest McDonald’s burger is about 90 calories – almost half of your cat’s daily recommended calories – so it’s a good idea to look up their favorite treats so that your cat can still have them, but in sensibly reduced portions to keep them healthy.

Care considerations for the Tabby – all cat breeds

If you want to help to make sure that your Tabby cat coat always looks it’s best, try switching up their diet a little to include more foods with Omega 6 and Omega 12 fatty acids in them. Fish such as trout, sardines, salmon, and herring are an easy way to do this and your Tabby cat will love them.

You can also add minute amounts of vegetable oil or flax seeds in their foods as well, and this is good for their coat, but cooked fish is really the best and it doesn’t take a lot of it so you shouldn’t have to worry about ‘fish breath’.

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Cat owners

Simply add 2 tablespoons of salmon or one of your cat’s other favorite fish to their dinner once a week and that added nutrition and those Omegas will work their magic and help your kitty to have a shinier, healthier looking coat.

As an added bonus, it may well be the only possible scenario where you won’t have any trouble getting your Tabby cat to take their vitamins. Baking is best for cooking that fish, or you could fry with a very small splash of vegetable oil for added Omegas. Since it’s only once a week, it should be perfectly healthy!

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Bonus tips about your Tabby’s diet

If your Tabby cat tends to gobble up their food very quickly then this can actually raise their chances of developing feline obesity at a later date. When a cat (or a human, for that matter) eats at a slow, leisurely pace then this gives time for the body to signal to the brain that enough nutrition has been ingested.

When food is ‘wolfed down’, however, this signal still comes through but the natural delay means that Tabby cats can overeat more than they would have if they’d simply taken their time. To combat this, you can purchase a ‘slow feeder’ bowl which has grooves in it that trap and separate the food, so your cat eats more slowly.

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tabby cat breeds

You can even make one of these at home by putting a clean tennis ball in your cat’s food and pouring their measured food-portion into the bowl on top of and around it. Your cat will have to eat around the ball, slowing them down enough that they’ll know that Tabby cats are full and be less likely to overeat.

Pet owners And Tabby cats – expected growth

We hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s article and as you can see, giving your Tabby cat proper nutrition is going to be key for realizing a healthy growth rate, though only to a limited extent.

As Tabby cats are more a description of the coat and include a few different types of cats, this information should just be used as a base and not as an indicator that your cat needs a diet or that you should greatly increase their calories.

cat body weight

When it comes to any cat’s diet, you always want to check with your vet first – each cat is unique and some of them will naturally be smaller or larger than you might expect.

That said, as long as you are meeting their nutritional needs and keeping a tight reign on their snacks, you can expect your Black, Silver, Cream, Blue, Grey, Brown or Orange Tabby cat to grow up healthy and happy, just be sure to take lots of pictures along the way.

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Tabby cats get really overweight if they are not played with often or put on a diet.

If your cat is getting a little chubby (fat tabby cat), there are a few things you can do to help them slim down. First, make sure they are getting plenty of exercises. Play with them regularly, and try to create an environment where they can move around freely and safely. Second, feed them a high-quality diet that is low in calories and fat. There are many healthy options available at your local pet store. Finally, talk to your veterinarian about your tabby cat weight and health concerns. They can offer additional advice and resources.

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